13 March 2017

Great Barrier. No, the other one.

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a 2300km long coral reef, mostly underwater.  Great Barrier Island is a mountainous 43km long island, a 30-minute flight from Auckland, New Zealand.  Perfect for a few days of self-sufficient tramping.  

Palmers Track

Most Aucklanders have probably not set foot on the island.  The central section has many good tramping tracks and a couple of Department of Conservation huts, including the spectacular one on Mount Heale.

Mt Heale Hut

Mount Hobson is the highest point on the island.  Much of it has been boardwalked to protect the habitat of nesting birds.

Boardwalks and stairs near the summit of Mt Hobson

Summit of Mt Hobson

There are natural hot springs off one of the tracks to soak sore muscles after a few days walking.

Kaitoke Hot Springs

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